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Lil Zava

1. When did you start to make music? I’ve started producing music when I was 16. I made my first song when I was 18 years old.  2. What/who inspired you to make music? Nav definitely got me inspired to create music at home due to the fact he came up using a $100 mic. 3. What is the biggest opportunity you have earned/received in music so far?  My biggest opportunity I’ve got from my music is I got invited to speak to get dough records out California. I have not moved forward with it yet.  4. How does your music stand out compared to other artists? My music stands out in different aspects from other artist because the lyrics/genres continuously change due to my emotions that very moment.  5. What should your fans expect from you in the near future? What to expect in the near future. Is me under a label with a bunch of collaborations with other artists along with mixtapes.