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Kid Nix Releases New Song Titled "Beautiful"

After over a month hiatus, Kid Nix returns with a summer anthem titled “Beautiful.” Listening to the song, it’s clear that this is undoubtedly Kid Nix’s best work to date. He recently talked about the song on Instagram, stating “This song literally took a year to make. I’d go away from and go back to it so many times. I wrote 4 verses to it (obviously only ended up using two). I think I hit 4 different mixes on the song too. This song is just really cool to me cause again it stems from personal experience (seeing someone I missed who I haven’t seen in a very long time). There was just lots and lots of effort put into it for it only being a single.” Kid Nix plans to use the momentum from this song to leverage growth as an artist and a brand, as well as being a strong foundation for his future work. With a very catchy hook and strong flow throughout, this song is a must listen!  Kid Nix also plans to release a music video, and a limited line of merchandise to accompany the song al


Once Chief Keef came up, Kusshmulla knew he wanted to make music. At the age of ten, Kusshmulla started rapping, and he and his brother started a group called 8-Hunna. However, this isn’t the only group Kussh has been a part of. Kusshmulla is part of ENTL, he signed with them two years ago, and everything has gone up for him since then. Kussh has worked with artists such as Casanova and has met G Herbo, Fabolous, and Blizzy Banks. While working with Casanova, Kussh was able to learn a lot about the industry as well as himself as an artist. He continued by saying “When I worked with Casanova, he heard everybody's piece on the track and said “you’re different” he was telling me the way I rap is not like the average drill or Boston rapper, I have my own sound, so I kept going with that.” Kussh’s music can be a mix of two types of music, pain, and drill, but he puts them into one. He elaborates on his sound saying, “I have a Chicago/New York sound, not a lot of Boston rappers so

Kid Cea$e

Two years ago when Kid Cea$e was out to eat his waiter happened to be a producer. At that dinner he talked to his waiter about music, and they soon collaborated to release Kid Cea$e’s first song titled “Black Lies” which has over 10,000 views. Kid Cea$e continued to mention “music was always a part of me but three years ago I lost my brother my best friend in an accident it really changed my whole life I started going down the wrong path and then finally I just started putting my pain into passion so losing him really inspired me to do the best I can do in life, not having a father or a male figure in my life I really had to teach myself everything coming up from nothing and I learned how to make my dreams come a reality.” One of the songs Kid Cea$e has made when talking about his life is called “Don’t Take Your Life” and features Tyler Loyal. This song focused on suicide awareness and currently has over 300,000 streams. “Don’t Take Your Life” has made Kid Cea$e realize

IamTash: Certified Gold

In 2016, IamTash started to make beats. He shared, “I started off with LogicPro then switched over to FL Studio. I had nobody to show my beats to so every beat I made; I posted to youtube.” Starting this YouTube channel was one of the decisions Tash could make. He now has over 80,000 subscribers and has credits from artists like Pop Smoke, Coi Leray, YBN Nahmir, Ugly God, Famous Dex, and many more. Starting this YouTube channel helped artists like Pop Smoke discover him. Tash produced “What You Know Bout Love” on Pop Smoke’s posthumous album “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon” (which went #1 on Billboard in its first week released and is now RIAA certified gold) where the song has over 10 million streams on Spotify alone. Tash talked about this album, saying, “I've worked on songs that did numbers, but this is a part of music history.” He added, “I didn't really work with him; it happened through Youtube. I posted that beat two years ago, and it went kinda viral (becau

Dorren Pierre

With just under 20,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Dorren Pierre is starting to make noise in the rap industry. His songs “Just a Little,” “California Burning,” and “Just Fun” have accumulated over 120,000 streams. Dorren first started making music at 18, but mentioned “I realized that I’ve been on a musical journey unknowingly my whole life.” Throughout his career, Dorren has been able to play many large and small venues, however, he believes his biggest opportunity in his career was meeting his engineer Dilli. He said meeting Dilli has “allowed me to have unlimited access to being creative and as an artist that’s priceless.    Everyday life is something that always inspires Dorren. Life has given Dorren the opportunity to make music which he is grateful for. The people around Dorren have also given him inspiration to keep pursuing his dream. He went more in depth and said “first my family because they’re brutally honest, so I know I’m always going to get the

glvsshouse Releases New Track Titled "Broken & Lost"

This past week, glvsshouse was handpicked by Pharell Williams to be featured on “IAM OTHER, VOLUME 1.” Now he is back with his new song titled “Broken and Lost.” He is able to talk about experiences in his life and shows off his talent. He talked about the track saying “ ‘Broken & Lost’ is raw to me. It captures a stage in my life where self-destruction and addiction shattered relationships (both) new and old. Hopefully, this is something other people can relate to.”    Make sure to check out the new song and to check him out on social media using the links below!

Last Days

At a young age, Last Days’ uncle would push him to rap. He described rap as “a second nature to me.” In 2003, Last Days then decided to take music seriously. Since then, he has had record labels offering him million-dollar deals, and he has been able to participate in world tours. Before COVID-19 hit the United States, Last Days was able to go on the Griselda Tour, which included artists such as Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, and Benny the Butcher. Last Days was able to tour 9-10 cities and described the tour as “an awesome experience, there was a great crowd reaction for a person they didn’t know, but I was able to grow a fanbase from it. The energy was always there.” Recently, Last Days released a song titled “Big Flexin,” which features artists Aston Eighty and Bape Simpson. However, Last Days has a big track lined up that will be released soon. This song features Benny the Butcher. This song is something he is looking forward to releasing.  Last Days music alw

Johan Lenox

For most of his life, Johan Lenox has worked with classical music. He taught himself how to play the piano when he was in second or third grade. Johan mentioned, “I got interested in how to write for an orchestra because I used to go to the Boston Pops and see John Williams conduct film scores. I thought that stuff was cool. It was a pretty weird interest to have at that age, but I wanted to do whatever he was doing.” He then attended a music school in his hometown of Winchester, where he would take lessons in composing. As he got older, he would continue to do the same thing at a higher level at the New England Conservatory in Boston. Johan was never really into hip-hop or pop music at the time. That was until he was on acid at a party, and somebody played him that album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West. Johan said, “I thought that the album was insane, and I started getting into that type of music.”  Through years of hard work, Johan was able to work with

Austin Fair

In the summer of 2008, Austin Fair’s cousin Humbeats received a video game as a gift. It was that game that got Humbeats to start making beats on his PS2, which Austin Fair soon would help provide vocals too. Every summer, Austin would spend weeks at his cousin's house, and they eventually released their first song together, titled “Knockout.” Austin Fair’s inspiration comes from a sense of the way the times flow. Austin says, “ I like to look at it in the sense of my timeline. As a kid, I was inspired mostly by RnB music, that early 2000’s radio sound that dominated my childhood, Usher, Neyo, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige. Eventually, once I was exposed to Hip Hop, Bow Wow was the main artist in my CD player, Lil Wayne dominated my MP3 player, Soulja Boy taught us social media, Wiz Khalifa taught me how to make a mixtape. Jay Z taught me how to have a message and come up with impressive bars while still getting my point across.” Throughout his career, Austin Fair

C. Wells

C. Wells has been able to represent his home city of Lynn in the best way possible. In his career, he has been able to release songs with G Herbo and Dave East, as well as have the opportunity to tour and release a song with Jay Critch. Throughout his entire life, C. Wells’ parents have always been very into music. C. Wells mentioned, “the music my parents listened to and heard them sing along to really amused me and inspired me to make music. In fact, my parents named me after the artist Christopher Williams himself.”  When C. Wells first started to rap, it was in 2002 at an after school program called “Gregg House.” After that, as a freshman in high school, C. Wells started to take music seriously and decided to pursue it as a career. C. Wells has had a very successful career so far, as he has over 200,000 streams as an artist, with his two biggest songs being “For The Paper” and “Off The Porch.”  Throughout C. Wells' career, he has had friends support his journ