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The multifaceted producer and artist JORD4NEVERDIED has been able to work with some of Boston’s hottest up and coming artists ranging from Vintage Lee, Pistola, Connis, Donald Grunge, and many more. Throughout his career as a producer, he has become very close with Vintage Lee who he went to high school with. JORD4NEVERDIED is now Vintage’s go-to producer. However, this took hard work on JORD4NEVERDIED’s part. He originally started out just recording Vintage Lee and shortly after that, he started giving her beats. Now he has been able to learn from her through watching the way she works at her craft and traveling to Atlanta to record with her. 

JORD4NEVERDIED’s time as a producer has now developed into recording his own music. He recently released a track titled “SLOWLY,” which has quickly hit 10,000 plays on YouTube. When we talked to JORD4NEVERDIED about his music, he said “I am just being myself in my music, I want people to relate to me and see who I am as a person through my music.” 

In our conversation with JORD4NEVERDIED, we both had an agreement about the Boston music scene. We both talked about how much undiscovered talent there is here. JORD4NEVERDIED knows how much talent is here and how it is just waiting to be discovered. As we talked, JORD4NEVERDIED knows that he wants to do whatever he can to help contribute to the scene. JORD4NEVERDIED is one of the most genuine and outgoing artists we have worked with, and with new music dropping soon JORD4NEVERDIED is on the right track to success in the music industry!

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